What are the images presented here?
The RM archive includes many photographic slides of past exhibitions, which in some cases are unlabeled. We have digitised these slides, and have created this website in the hope that people can help identify the image.

What will happen to the information?
RM is in the process of indexing the entire archive held by the gallery. As the longest running ARI in Aorearoa, this archive spans over 20 years of exhibitions, events, publications and other ephemera. The indexed collection will be made available online as a searchable catalogue.

How can I contribute?
If you recognise any of the images, please leave a comment. You can do this by clicking on the image in the gallery, and scrolling down to the comment page. Your comment will be moderated by RM, and then posted. The information contributed will be transcribed in to a database which will form the searchable index.

An image is of my work, can I get a copy?
Yes, absolutely. Please contact RM at info@rm.org.nz