About The Archive RM

We plan to digitise, correctly identify and label our 2000+ photographic slide collection. We have approximately 100 sleeves of slides, with 20 slides per sleeve. Once we have digitised the slides, our intention is to make these available on our website. Through our social media, we will run a public campaign inviting participation and asking people to identify artworks, artists and exhibitions and enter details directly into the webpage using an interactive form. This will form the core of the online archive project.

As Aotearoa’s longest running Artist Run Initiative, RM has an extensive archive spanning 22 years of exhibitions, events and residencies. A number of international project spaces and archive models were influential in guiding the thinking around RM starting a formal archive in 2009, with the focus being on giving artists the greatest priority in order to support varied practices and research. RM sets the guidelines for the archive but allows each exhibiting artist to take the initiative in what they archive, letting the artists create and collect their selected materials. By doing so, RM emphasises the active participation of its community in documenting and making accessible its own history on its own terms, with the method of co-creation as a guiding principle.

The RM Archive comprises two collections. The first is a formal archive organised into labeled archive boxes documenting each exhibition and event. This boxed archive has been partially indexed. The index, once completed, will be made public through the RM website, allowing researchers, artists, students and others access. The second collection is an extensive array of analogue images of exhibitions (photographic slides), exhibition floorsheets, invites, publications and other material.

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