Gillian Green

Title: ‘Untitled’, From the Same World series
Year: 2019
Length: 04:51
Format: Video projection of 16mm analogue film

‘Untitled’, from the From the Same World series uses in-camera double exposure on 16mm analogue film. This film seeks to remove any recognition of the exact whereabouts of the subject matter in order to facilitate a visual experience of nature that can’t be located in the natural world, but can still be recognised as nature in its combined effect. This recognition can only be located in internal feeling processes, by an internal embodied understanding of experience, our own slowing mind. This work explores a different experience of being with nature, and as a way to create the meditative state the artist uses as being part of her creative process.

Gillian Green is a photo-filmic artist based in Aotearoa New Zealand who completed her Master of Visual Arts degree in 2019. Her work investigates personal lived experience and the construction of identity through exploring photo-filmic methods both analogue and digital. Green uses her camera to both prompt and enable a disconnection from the noise of the world by providing a focus on the experience of the present. She is interested in the connection between the object, the camera, the film, the artist and the viewer, and the notions of temporality and chance that exist within these relationships. Her ongoing work project questions how photo-filmic processes, with their reliance on real-world material objects, can be used to explore the non-materiality of meditative engagement, memory, embodied experience and personal subjectivity. Her exploration of these processes and practices have also helped her to articulate the very bodily experiences and their benefit that manifest through transformation and change within both her art practice and her life, using it as a means to be in the world and contribute to that world.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqKSp6Nsh7SvdQuOGTV9PfA Instagram: @gilliangreenart

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